Paula Mc Cabe M.S. L.Ac.

Paula has been practicing Chinese medicine since 1997 when she became board certified in the state of California. She attended acupuncture school in San Francisco at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where she graduated with a masters degree in Chinese medicine in 1996. Before that, she worked as a certified massage therapist since 1986 and completed her training at the Amma Institute in San Francisco and the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley.

Paula has continued her study of Chinese medicine through working with renowned practitioner Bick Jane Tang, who specialized in fertility issues. She has also studied with Susan Johnson L.Ac. since 1998 and continues to attend her classes to deepen her knowledge of Master Tung’s acupuncture points and method. Paula’s ultimate goal is to support her patients through her deepening knowledge of acupuncture and to help them enrich their lives and health through holistic methods, diet and nutrition.

Paula grew up in Ireland with a father who was an engineer and a mother who was a teacher. This led her to be inquisitive and practical in her approach to life and has helped her in her work with patients to find a solution to issues they have to improve their health and quality of life.

In her spare time, Paula loves to hike, garden and cook, as well as spend time with her two almost grown-up children and her husband of almost 30 years. She lives in San Francisco and is one of the lucky people to live on Napier Lane on Telegraph Hill on one of the last wooden walkways in the city, surrounded by plants and the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill.