Acupuncture – Acupuncture is given once or twice a week during the initial stages of therapy and as the issues improve the treatments become less often till the healing is complete. Usually a series of 12 treatments is recommended and then the issue is reevaluated to confirm that progress is being made. Some insurance companies cover acupuncture

Massage – Massage is used as an adjunct therapy when a particular issue needs it. Insurance does not cover massage and it is paid for by the patient.

Cupping  – Cupping is diagnostic as well as therapeutic and can tell us three basic things. Cupping will tell us three things – where the problem is, whether the issue is due to toxin,  muscle or nerve, and the severity of the issue. An area slightly larger than the painful area is usually what is cupped to ensure that the area of pain is completely covered. Insurance does not cover cupping and is paid for by the patient.

Herbs – Herbs are sometimes given to enhance the treatment and to support the healing process. Insurance does not cover herbs and is paid for by the patient.

Stress Relief Clinic – The stress relief clinic is a more relaxed informal group treatment with no more than 10 others at the same time. Each patient sits in a comfortable chair while they receive a treatment. The stress clinic is only for established patients and is recommended to enhance healing or as a preventive measure for stress and to support well being. It  lasts 1 hour with the needles left in for 30-40 minutes.